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HWZ Duck Blood soup with vermicelli 229.5g
Konnyaku Yam Noodle 280g
Nissin Instant Noodle-Pork Soya 5*100g
BJ Instant Vermicelli (Hot & Sour) 525g
LiuZhou Rice Vermicelli 268g
KSF Noodle-Stew Beef Flavour 58g*5
HaoHuanLuo Snail Rice Noodles 400g
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HWZ Suan la Chili Duck Blood Soup with Vermicelli 294g
LiZiQi Liuzhou Rice Vermicelli 335g
BJ Instant Vermicelli (Combo Pack) 525g
BJ Instant Vermicelli (Spicy Hot) 525g
Paldo Hot & Spicy Noodle 5*120g
NongShim Oolong Men-Seafood 6*75g
NongShim Oolong Men-Chicken 6*75g
Nissin Chciken 5*100g
Nongshim Budae Jjigae Noodle 127g*4
Ottogi Odongtong Myon 120g*4 pack
KSF Spiced Beef Flavour Noodle 103g*5
KSF Braised Ribs Flavour Noodle 103g*5
UNIF Soup Daren Seafood Noodle 113g*5
Unif Bowl Instant Noodle-Shrimp 118g
Paldo Soy Flavor Noodle 5*120g
Paldo Namja Ramen 5*115g
Paldo Beef Noodle 4x102g
NongShim Oolong Men -Beef 6*75g
NongShim Cup Noodle Hot &Spicy 6x75g
Nissin Cup Noodles-Spicy Seafood 75g

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