ABIB Gummy Sheet Mask-Madecassoside Sticker 10Pack


$29.99 / Pack


A sheet mask made with a specialized gummy material that fits like second skin to faciliate the absorption of serum.

  • Each sheet mask is soaked with 27ml of serum--the equivalent of a standard full size serum bottle
  • Ultrasoft, microfibre, gummy material wraps closely to the curves of your face for maximum penetration and absorption of nutrients
  • Ideal for: skin that is inflammed due to external aggressors, sun, product overuse, dryness, and inflammation

Madecassosides carefully extracted from the Centella Asiatica plant acts as a potent but gentle antioxidant to help soothe sensitive, inflammed skin by strengthening the skin barrier, protecting skin from further external stressors and aggressors. 


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