AHC Premium EX Hydra B5 Emulsion 140ml

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Highly hydrating emulsion for moist and smooth skin. Contains 95% Derma-grade hyaluronic Acid and 98% Pro-Vitamin B5.

●Care for sensitive muscles

A variety of plant extracts, gentle and nourishing muscle bottom, not only gentle and zero stimulation care for dry sensitive muscle.

●Plant extract

The mini fragrant leaves converge, lock the skin moisture dried Strawflower promote skin repair, relieve allergies, and make the skin smooth with hyaluronic acide.

●Deep nourishment

High concentration, small molecule hyaluronic acid, can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, not easy to block pores and help the skin to have a good structure.

具有超强的补水💦 能力!可以迅速渗透肌肤的表皮层,能吸取1,000倍的水份分子进入肌肤底层, 增加其锁水能力,并补充营养要素!

促进胶原蛋白合成,修护细胞并柔软粗糙肌肤,改善过敏, 舒缓红痕现象!尤其推荐严重缺水的干性肌肤,易过敏,敏感粗糙肌肤😃

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