Beautiful Skin Storage Root Vegetable Concentrate Mask Anno Imo 10 Pack

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All ingredients

Water, glycerin, BG, sweet potato root extract, sodium hyaluronate, polyquaternium-51, arbutin, glycyrrhizinate 2K, betaine, xanthan gum, sodium alginate, citric acid, sodium citrate, polysorbate 80, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben

【How to use】

1: Use on clean skin after face wash. Take out of the package and spread to your face.

2: First align eyes and mouth, then put on entire face. Apply lightly so that air does not enter between your skin and the sheet.

3: Remove the mask after about 5 minutes.

产地: 日本
功效: 锁水 补水 舒缓肌肤 紧致
适合肤质: 任何肤质

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