Beautitec Evaporative Humidifier No Smog for home szk-a1000

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Air humidifier beautitec air humidifier (10 L, EU) (szk-a1000)

Beautitec szk-a1000-air humidifier, providing intensive air saturation with moisture in a short period of time. The device can serve houses and offices with a total area of up to 60 m 2. For 1 hour of work it evaporates 1,02 liters of water. The model is equipped with a filter that delays impurities present in the water.



The brand beautitec produces ergonomic air humidifiers for rooms made in modern interior styles. Equipped with 10-liter containers for water, providing constant air hydration at any time of the day. The touch screen is placed on the front of the case. With its help, you can set the settings for moisturizing. When the tank is completely emptied, the standby mode is automatically turned on.



The presented model is suitable for office and home maintenance. One device is enough for high-quality humidification of air in an area of up to 60 m 2. The level of humidity can be determined by the light indicator, which changes color at different indicators. The red indicator warns that the humidity does not reach 30%, the blue one is that it is within 30-60% and the green one signals the humidity level above 60%.



-Convenient design.
-Informative screen.
-Control via touch screen.
-Filter for water purification.
-Notification by light indicators.
-Quiet work.


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