[BOE084 WAFFLE] BRUNO Dual Waffle Plate for Sandwich Maker

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*This product is a special accessory only use for BOE084Gril Sand Maker Double. Please read the instruction manual of BOE084 before use.

Size: Width 250mm x Height 19mm x Depth 142 mm

Set the "BRUNO Grill Sand Maker Double (sold separately).

Great for snack time and partyYou can create large sized waffles that everyone can cut and enjoy.

Note: Please be sure to slide the lever on and off the plate.

Fruit Waffle Cake Recipe :

⦁ Fixture

Fabric: Pancake Mix 7.1 oz (200 g) / Eggs 2 / Milk 100 ml / Butter 40 g / Sugar 40 g

Cream: 200ml fresh cream / 20g sugar

Embellishment: Fruit (strawberry, muscat, blueberry) appropriate amount / sugar powder.

⦁ How to make

Preparation: Place butter in a heat-resistant container and dissolve in a microwave for about 40 to 50 seconds.Set the waffle plate and preheat for 5 minutes.Add sugar to the fresh cream and keep it lather.

(1) Mix the eggs into the bowl and add sugar or milk to mix, then add a pancake mix and mix, then add melted butter when the powder runs out.

(2) Pour half the amount of the dough into the plate and bake with [HI] for about 4 minutes until the color is browned.Likewise, bake the rest of the dough.

(3) When (2) cools, apply cream on one piece of fabric and add fruit to the top of it. Pour another piece of dough, decorate with creams, fruit, and pour powdered sugar with a infuser.

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