Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask 5Pcs


$11.99 / Pack


Urgent calming & cooling effect for sensitive and hot skin.


Dermo science Green Science with green power

Green care of Centella asiatica which protects calms and protects skin with moisture and 3 kinds of minerals' dermatology care which provides healthy energy are combined. We recommend you use urgent for sensitive skin with Dr. Jart's Green Science.

Centella essence which is rapidly conveyed to skin with one sheet

Essence ingredient of Centella is made into liposome with natural proteolipid and it is more rapidly conveyed to skin.

Immedatly calming hot skin

As it contains snow ice igredient which can be used safely even for sensitive and hot skin, it immediately and cooly calms hot feeling of skin.

Plant-originated mask sheet which conveys the ingredients of Centella intact

With plant-originated fiber sheet of 100%, it is soft and comfortable for skin. It can be used even for sensitive skin to irritation with no worry. 


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