Joyoung Soymilk Maker DJ13U-P10


$299.99 / EA


  • Newly add Classic soy function. Dry/Soaked beans, Classic soy,Grains,Rice paste, Nut, Porridge, Corn juice, Juice, Date soy,Goji soy,Rose soy
  • 【Time & temperature presets】 3-11 hour preset function, It can help you for pre-set at night for breakfast the next day; Pre-set at night for warm water the next morning; Pre-set in the morning for lunch at noon; Pre-set before leaving home for dessert after work
  • 【High Capacity】900-1300ml adjustable capacity, suitable for family use of 3-6 people. The packaging box reads:Broken wall soymilk machine ,no need filtering. But infact the residue is very fine which does not affect the taste, and is within the acceptable range.
  • 【Superfine Granding Process】20000r/min, Crystal steel wave knife makes the taste more delicate, the residue is very fine which does not affect the taste, but we can not assure the residue is within the acceptable range for everyone

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