Kao Strong Mold Terhandy Bat Spray 400ml

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Kao Strong Mold Terhandy Bat Spray 400ml

Tired of stubborn mold on vertical surfaces? Say goodbye to your mold woes with our powerful foam formula! 🛁🧽

Product Highlights: 🌼 Blast Away Mold: Stubborn mold on vertical surfaces is no match for our bubble-powered formula! Watch as it effortlessly eradicates mold, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

🌼 Stay Put Foam: Thanks to our innovative adhesion component, the foam sticks right where you need it – on those tricky vertical surfaces! No more runny messes, just effective mold removal.

🌼 Versatile Performance: It's not just walls – our spray tackles mold on rubber packing, shower hoses, and more. Those hard-to-reach spots are no longer a challenge!

🌼 Delightfully Scented: No more tsundere vibes from overpowering scents. Our gentle fragrance ensures a pleasant cleaning experience.

🌼 User-Friendly Trigger: Experience convenience with our new lightweight trigger design. Effortlessly spray away mold with ease.

📝 How to Use: 1️⃣ Align the "out" nozzle with the ▲ mark. (Avoid pointing towards the face) 2️⃣ Spray mold stains from a 10 cm distance. (For ceilings, apply to a cloth and wipe) 3️⃣ Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Tough stains? Leave for 15-30 minutes. 4️⃣ After use, align the "stop" nozzle with the ▲ mark. Remember to wash your hands.

去除霉斑 :有效的去除霉斑,持久有效粘度两倍!

有效杀菌 :渗透溶剂技术,保护墙体去污除菌

科学喷头 :人体功能学喷头,方便快捷

生物酶技术 :有效保护墙体,去除霉斑,科学技术配方

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