Kyoto Maiko Wine Dregs Mask 11 Pack

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Products :
ever engaged in brewing operations staff person will have a pair of pale delicate hands – edge due to the rice after fermentation filtration practice, lees to be the best beauty mask

features :
1. natural yeast lees and adjust the delicate pores and skin texture
2. With hyaluronic acid, water-soluble collagen, fruit extracts, etc. to help the skin moisturizing and hydrating
3. Add cucumber extract, remove the aging horniness of the skin, brighten the skin from the inside out, whiten to yellow gas
4. Rice wine brewing technology, soft feeling soft and tender, delicate, comfortable, more than sheet mask moisturizes things in silence
5. stick to make the skin more and more detailed, large pores, closed, acne, dry skin, dry skin and other issues will be wiped out

Texture :
1. milk-like rubbish, soft waxy waxy, delicate
2. squeezed taste fresh and elegant, fragrant with lees
3. very easy to open, scalability and strong, with the skin

How to use :
1. before use please clean face Part
2. Apply evenly on face and neck
3. Wait 5-10 minutes and wash with warm water
4. Follow the usual normal skin care steps.
* It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, 8-12 for one package. Times
* root According to personal skin condition need to be properly deposited with 15-20 minutes

Weight : 170g

Made in : JAPAN

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