LION O2 White Clean+Bleaching 1.2L


$12.99 / EA


LION O2 White Clean+Bleaching 1.2L

15 excellent stain removal effects

- Whitening ingredients not only prevent stains but also increase cleaning power
to eliminate 15 kinds of life stains

- SR Polymer formulation with anti-stain effect

Whiter and cleaner as you wash more!

The more you wash, the cleaner and stronger the whitening coating, more like new clothes!

Non-fluorescent brightening agent,
skin irritation function test completed

Test completed by an external organization

Made in Korea

Main ingredients High alcohol type (non-ion), anti-staining agent, solubilizer, stabilizer, acidity regulator, foam regulator, sterilizing bleach, hydrogen peroxide, pigment, phosphate, fragrance, etc.

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