LIVEN Electric Hotpot 1L

Sale price$39.99


  • CONVENIENT: This series pot have been sold more than 10000 set on Cook easy even if no kitchen room and no natural gas , an good travel pot .
  • MAX capacity is about 1Q, available for one person, one good travel pot .Minimum 0.3L, Rated Voltage 120V, Rated Power 600W,much quick than 400W. It is a Rapid Cooker ,not slower cooker.
  • POT INSIDE LAYER is made of healthy 304 stainless steel ,can not be taken out . Two speed designed electric shabu shabu pot , high speed to boil water quickly, lower to cook slowly like slow cooker ,Phenolic resin safe hull, Tempered glass lid.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: Cooking noodles, boiling water and egg , enjoy shabu shabu hot pot with it , is available for one person.It is also a good gift for relatives and friends .

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