Maiko Sake Bowl Beauty Face Pack 170g


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Main Ingredient: sake lees
Rice is fermented and filtered, the lees becomes the best beauty mask. Features:
1. Natural lees and yeast, adjust pores and delicate skin texture.
2. Combine with hyaluronic acid, water-soluble collagen, fruit essence, etc. to help moisturize the skin.
3. Add cucumber essence to remove the aging keratin of the skin, brighten the complexion from the inside out, whiten and yellowish.
4. Rice bran brewing technology, soft, tender, delicate, comfortable to use, more moist and quieter than sheet mask. 5. Adhere to use can make the skin thinner and thinner, pores larger, closed mouth, acne

How To Use:
After cleansing, take out a mask sheet and spread it over face gently, leaving on for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask off and massage remaining liquid onto face and neck. Mask can be used daily according to skin condition. Zip the bag securely after use.
Recommended for use 1-2 times a week.

大米經過發酵和過濾,酒糟成為最好的美容面膜。 特徵:
1. 天然酒糟和酵母,調節毛孔細嫩膚質。
4.米糠沖泡技術,柔軟、嫩滑、細膩、使用舒適,比面膜更滋潤、更安靜。 5.堅持使用可使皮膚越來越薄,毛孔變大,閉口,長痘痘

潔面後,取出一張面膜,輕輕塗抹在臉上,保持10-15分鐘。 取下面膜,將剩餘的液體按摩到面部和頸部。 面膜可根據皮膚狀況每天使用。 使用後將袋子拉緊。
建議每週使用 1-2 次。

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