JM Solution Marine Luminous Green Dear Rabbit Carrot Mask 10pcs

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Carrot Sheet Mask helps to revitalize the skin with fresh carrot ingredients. An intense revitalizing essence helps to make your dull skin look cleaner. The mask improves skin tone and elasticity, normalizes water-fat balance. Carrot extract in the mask helps to smooth wrinkles, removes traces of fatigue and stress from the face. Also, the mask helps to slow down the aging process, therefore it is especially recommended for mature skin. Panthenol in the mask normalizes the process of cell metabolism. Thanks to him, metabolic processes are restored in the skin, which contributes to the preservation of youth. In addition, panthenol accelerates the production of collagen, which keeps the skin toned.

How to Use:
After the cleansing and toning step, apply a cloth mask to your face. After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask, then pat the rest of the essence into your face with patting movements for better absorption.


胡蘿蔔片面膜有助於用新鮮的胡蘿蔔成分使皮膚恢復活力。 強效活膚精華有助於使暗沉的皮膚看起來更清潔。 面膜改善膚色和彈性,使水脂肪平衡正常化。 面膜中的胡蘿蔔提取物有助於撫平皺紋,消除面部疲勞和壓力的痕跡。 此外,面膜有助於減緩衰老過程,因此特別推薦成熟肌膚使用。 面膜中的泛醇使細胞代謝過程正常化。 多虧了他,皮膚的新陳代謝過程得以恢復,這有助於保持青春。 此外,泛醇可加速膠原蛋白的生成,從而保持皮膚緊緻。

在清潔和爽膚步驟後,將布面膜敷在臉上。 10-20分鐘後,取下面膜,然後用拍打動作將剩餘的精華拍打到臉上,以便更好地吸收。

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