MIRACLE Silicone & Tile Stain Mold Remover Gel 120g*2 強效除霉凝膠

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✅ Re-grout your floors and tiles effortlessly
✅ Completely remove stubborn spots
✅ Eliminate stains on silicone, bath and kitchen tiles, bathtub, sink, porch, window sealants, wallpaper, washing machine silicone sealant, washbasin, toilet bowls, shower-heads, pool, and more!
✅ Powerful gel formula stays put on vertical and inclined surfaces
✅ Easy to use - just spread, wait, wash off, and finish!
✅ No scrubbing required
✅ Achieve stain-free results in just 3 hours
✅ No reek of bleach
How to use:   1. Please keep dry (If the place does not dry, the gel can't stick well, and has less effect) 2. Open the lid and apply at the thickness of 3mm where black spots occur 3. Brush with water or wipe with a wet cloth after about 10-15 hours (Tip! Apply before bedtime and brush in the morning) 4. If widely or deeply, increase the amount used and duration of use 5. If it is very stubborn, please try again above steps if can not be completely removed

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