MUHI Liquid Baby Anti-itch Stop Rash of Insect Bites 40ml

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Quick action for insect bites

- Children's skin is less resistant than adults, insect bites or a little It responds sensitively to irritation, etc. It causes itching. Liquid Mu Baby, 2% unique anti-itch ingredient (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) and liquid With high penetration, it stops itching quickly and firm.

- Natural refreshing refreshing feeling is obtained by Evaporation of moisture. Care of skin that has been dropped

- Children who can not stand itching, aggravate the symptoms by scraping the affected part It tends to cause it. Liquid Muhiebee, panthenol (provitamin B 5) By helping the normal functioning of your skin, you can make your symptoms worse Prevent.

Recommended for sensitive skin

- It is prescription that does not like your skin. Liquid Muhiebee has Ingredients that are not Good AT Children (alcohol and Menthol) IS not the compounded It IS A Prescription that Makes your Skin Feel less Irritating to your Skin.


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