SNP Diamond Water Sleeping Pack 20Pcs

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 Why do you use sleeping pack
•Important to nourish skin during the night.
•Our skin is the most active during the night, when we are sleeping. The night is when the skin “recharges”
•Our skin is at work when we are sleeping to recharge and regenerate
•This recharging process can slow down as time goes.


Royal Skin Care

It has been said that the Mugal queen of ancient India used diamonds with her skin treatments. Mugal, the legendary beauty used diamond because of its uncanny ability to open pores and deliver nutrients below the skin surface. The diamond base also provides a skin brightening effect to make your skin glow.

Real Diamonds

Finely ground diamond particles added to this sleeping pack exfoliate and rejuvinate dull and dry skin. Removing dead skin cells will allow healthy skin cells to absorb necessary nutrients.

Acai Flower

Infused with acai flower extract to soothe skin and provide additional calming properties to help you rest and relax, this is the perfect addition to your nighttime beauty routine.

Individual packaging

It is packaged each pack for 1-time use. Now you can carry the Water Sleeping Pack with you while you travel without having to take more than is necessary.
No matter how good a product may be, it can cause skin troubles if it is not sanitary. You can carry the SNP Sleeping Pack anywhere, and use it without having to worry about its sanitation. 

How to Use

Take one stick and apply at the last step of nightly skin care.
Rinse off the next morning with lukewarm water.

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