THE ORCHID SKIN Orchid Smoky Under Clear Eye Patch 10 pairs


$15.99 / EA


Moisturizing: Castor Oil and Broccoli extract effectively hydrates and sooths skin.
Brightening: Lemon extract, Moon Orchid extract and Calanthe extract help to brighten skin and improve dark circles.
Enhances skin’s elasticity: Contains Hydrolized Collagen and potato extract to rejuvenate the skin, increase elasticity and make it fuller.
Super-adhesive: The patented “Elastic Aqueous Gel Sheet”* adhesives to skin well and delivers the moisture and active ingredients to the skin more effectively

Main ingredients:
Castor Oil, Broccoli extract: Soothing, moisturizing.
Hydrolized Collagen: Enhances elasticity, keeps skin supple.
Lemon extract: Improves dullness, brightening.
Moon Orchid extract, Calanthe extract: Brightens skin tone, enhances skin's own defense.
Potato extract: Vitalizing, brightening, enhances elasticity.

Suggested Usage:
After cleaning, apply the eye mask.
After 15-20 minutes, remove the eye mask.
Number per box: 10 pairs



  • 中文名称:韩国The Orchid Skin幽兰一品眼膜(睁眼款)10对
  • 商品规格:10对
  • 原产地:韩国
  • 适用人群:适合所有肤质
  • 使用方法:睡前洁面后用热毛巾敷一下眼周,或用化妆水整理肌肤,撕开眼膜贴下的透明贴,并贴于眼下3毫米的位置,20-30分钟后取下眼膜贴即可。
  • 储藏方法置于阴凉干燥,儿童不易触及处


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