Voolga Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Mask 5Pack

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Voolga Medical Sodium Hyaluronate Dressing Mask 5Pack


Designed for professional plastic surgury use.

- Anti-acne, anti-redness, anti-pimple, moisturizing, nourishing, and skin soothing.

- This mask is suitable for people with mild or moderate acne, and can promote wound healing and skin repair. It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on reducing pigmentation and scar formation.

- The mask sheet is made of carbon black, which can absorb the dirt from the pore effectively, preventing the acne and pimple.


Application for people troubled by mild acne:

- After washing, remove the hyaluronate dressing from package, place on face, and adjust for fit.

- Remove the dressing after 30 minutes.

- Gentle massage face for the absorption of remaining essence.

1、采用日本进口药用备长碳为原料的膜布,无数个2-3微米的细孔,有效吸附有害物质,清透毛孔,排除污垢。作为国内唯一 一款备长炭材质的医用无菌面膜,传承了敷尔佳1.0版的全部优点,并在它的基础上做全新升级。




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