WONJIN EFFECT SOS Water Pump Mask & Cleansing Special Kit


$15.99 / Pack


Quickly provides nutrition to the dull skin Hydrating & Soothing. Hydrating & Soothing mask helps rough, dehydraed skin to quickly moisturize.
Skin Fit Sheet: The same sheet being used at Dermatology Skin Care Program by WONJIN Beauty Group. Active ingredients can be effectively transferred with its hypoallergenic nature and excellent stickiness.
Marine complex: A variety of marine compounds with rich nutrients provide deep moisture to the skin, as well as helping to quickly soothe the tired skin.
Multi Hyal Sea Water: Multiple hyaluronic acid and sea water, replenishes moisture that does not dry out on the skin and helps to make it clear and lively.

How to use

Cleanse and apply toner.
Apply mask adjusting around the eye and mouth.
Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum until fully absorbed.


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