Xiaomi Jeeback Cervical Massager G2




L-shaped Massager

When the user wears the G2, not only can the device be prevented from falling, but also the massage pad and the neck can be tightly fitted.

360 Degree All-round Floating Massage Head

The G2 is equipped with 3 massage heads, each of which is equipped with a 360 degree floating applicator system, which can produce a good massage effect.

83 Times Massage Per Minute

3 massage heads for deeper massage of more areas of the neck.

Type-C Charging Cable

If you use it for 30 minutes every day, you can use it for 8 days.


The design of the L-shaped scarf is only 190 grams. Fashion, any scene can be worn without restrictions.

APP control

G2 can be controlled through Mijia App. One-click memory function can be quickly restored to the previous setting when using G2.

Capacity 1400 mAh

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