Xiaomi Oclean S1 Smart UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer (Black)

Sale price$42.99


Xiaomi Oclean S1 Smart UVC Toothbrush can store up to 5 toothbrushes of which 3 positions use for disinfection and 2 positions use for storage. The design is inspired by a retro lamp with a curved shape and the typical pull rope. It can easily integrate into modern living environments.

Inside there is a 1,000mAh battery that powers the UVC lamp disinfection system. Add coloured lights to represent the different types of battery alerts shown as follows when this battery charge.

  • White light> is working on disinfection of the brush
  • Green light> fully charged and ready to use.
  • Red light> low battery, the sterilizer needs to be charged.

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