Salua Healing Ice Cool Towel

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🌬️ Stay Cool and Protected with Salua Healing Ice Cool Towel! 🌬️

✨ Experience the Premium Cooling Power of Aqua·X, a Korean eco-friendly material made with 100% ice silk fabric.
✨ Sweat-absorbent and breathable for ultimate comfort.
✨ Feel a refreshing temperature drop of -5 degrees Celsius as you wear it, getting cooler with time.
✨ Enjoy high sun protection with SPF50+++.
✨ PA+++ provides 99.9% UV protection.
✨ Wrap your skin in a "protective film" for added care.
✨ Infused with the secret from the forest - Phytoncide extracted from cypress trees.
✨ Enhance focus, uplift mood, and relieve stress.
✨ Effectively kills bacteria and promotes intestinal and cardiovascular health.
✨ Say goodbye to body odor, allergies, and skin mites.

🌬️ Embrace the ultimate cooling and protective experience with Salua Healing Ice Cool Towel! 🌬️

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