JM Solution Water Luminous S.O.S Ringer Mask 10Pcs

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An intense moisturizing & hydrating mask for dehydrated skin.
This soothing mask enriched with multiple hyaluronic acids provides deep moisturizing and firm care, as it soothes the skin irritated from external stimuli. With its skin-friendly, perfect-adhering cellulose sheet, this mask effectively delivers the beneficial ingredients to the skin, such as 5 layers of hyaluronic acid, collagen, peptide, and aquaxyl. It also smooths your skin with panthenol and allantoin, which are great skin soothing and hydrating components.

How To Use:
After washing, prepare skin with toner. Apply sheet mask evenly on your face. Remove the mask sheet after 10-20 minutes later and gently pat the remaining essence.

這款舒緩面膜富含多種透明質酸,可提供深層保濕和緊緻護理,舒緩因外部刺激而受到刺激的皮膚。 這款面膜採用親膚、完美貼合的纖維素片,有效地將有益成分輸送到皮膚,如 5 層透明質酸、膠原蛋白、肽和水楊酸。 它還含有泛醇和尿囊素使皮膚光滑,它們是很好的皮膚舒緩和保濕成分。

洗淨後,用爽膚水調理肌膚。 將片狀面膜均勻塗抹在臉上。 10-20分鐘後取下面膜紙,輕輕拍打剩餘的精華。

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