Kao Essential Moist Repair Set 500mlx2

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🌟 Kao Essential Moist Repair Set 500ml x 2

Experience the Ultimate in Hair Moisture

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve smooth, spread, and revitalized hair.
  • Prevents hair dullness and swelling.
  • 360° moisturization for hair that stays hydrated all day.

💧 Moisture at its Best: Say goodbye to dry hair! Our shampoo and conditioner set ensures your hair stays moisturized every morning, eliminating bad sleep habits.

🛠️ What is Moist Repair for Hair? With "Damage Repair," we focus on repairing the interior of the hair and cuticles. Even if you have damaged hair, this hair care set easily tidies and maintains the flow of each strand, leaving your hair undisturbed.


  • Hair Care Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner for a perfect conditioning experience.
  • Moist Remover for Hair Conditioning: Repair and moisturize damaged hair while enhancing texture.
  • Easy-to-use, effective hair care routine.

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