Kokubo Cooling Sheet for Children Peach Scent 16pcs

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🌬️ Stay Refreshed with Kokubo Cooling Sheet! 🌬️

Discover the ultimate solution for long-lasting cooling relief with Kokubo Cooling Sheet! 😌❄️

Key Features:
✨ Up to 10 Hours of Coolness: Experience the refreshing coolness for up to 10 hours! Perfect for those sudden fevers and beyond, providing reliable relief for the whole family.

✨ Versatile & Effective: Not just for fevers! Kokubo Cooling Sheet is your go-to companion for headaches, toothaches, and staying alert while studying or working. Apply it on your forehead, cheeks, or any hot areas for instant comfort.

✨ Maximum Effectiveness: For high fevers, cool the arteries like armpits, neck, and groin for maximum cooling effectiveness. Our cooling sheet is specially designed to target those hot spots for rapid relief.

✨ Suitable for All: A must-have for every household! Kokubo Cooling Sheet is suitable for both adults and kids. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing coolness.

✨ Delicately Scented: Experience comfort with every use! Our cooling sheet is weakly acidic and delicately scented with a soothing peach fragrance, enhancing your relaxation while providing relief.

Don't let fevers and discomfort get in the way of your day. Experience the cooling magic of Kokubo Cooling Sheet now! ❄️🍑

Made in Japan

How to Use:

Remove the transparent film and stick it on the area you want to cool.


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