Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Handheld Spray Mop

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Mijia wireless mopping machine can reduce the labor cost of squatting down and repeatedly wiping the floor for a long time, and the cleaning effect can be seen to the satisfaction of the whole family. It greatly reduces the steps of doing housework, dry rubs per minute to simulate hands rubbing the floor can quickly clean the ground, and the fan spray function is more effective in removing long-term ground stains. Reduce the burdensome, time-consuming, and tedious housework and spend more time with your family and listening to yourself.





Stand upright and touch the charging pile, ready to use

During the scrubbing process, the scrubbing task can be stopped at any time, and the scrubber will enter automatic sleep after 2 minutes, which is safe and energy-saving. Vertical placement can get rid of the trouble of falling the pole to the ground. After use, stand upright and touch the charging pile, "go home" to charge, full of energy, long battery life.

LED lighting

14 front LED lamp beads

Evenly illuminate the dark gap

Ashes have nowhere to hide

Upright self-locking shutdown

Push the handle forward to the vertical position

The host automatically locks

Safe without power consumption

Charging pile design

After the mopping machine is used, lean on the charging pile and charge as soon as it is placed

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