SHUSHU Goat Milk Multi-effect Repair Shampoo 500ml

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SHUSHU Goat Milk Multi-effect Repair Shampoo is a nutrient-rich solution that strengthens your hair follicles from the root. Its concentrated and balanced composition restores your hair and eliminates dryness, increases elasticity, and prevents split ends and fragility. The shampoo forms a protective layer that prevents moisture loss, giving your hair a healthy shine and silkiness.

SHUSHU 山羊奶多效修复洗发水
源自韩国进口 山羊奶 + 24种纯天然韩方原材料
羊奶分子是牛奶的1/6, 易吸收,
含维生素A, B6,生物素和维生素3等多种人体所需微量元素

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