Xiaomi Qualitell Electric Mosquito Swatter

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🦟 Say Goodbye to Annoying Insects with Xiaomi Qualitell Electric Mosquito Swatter! 🦟

Tired of pesky flies, mosquitoes, and fruit flies ruining your peaceful sleep? Look no further! Introducing the Xiaomi Qualitell Electric Mosquito Swatter, your ultimate weapon against flying insects. With its innovative features, it's time to take back control of your space! 💤✨

🌟 Attractive UV Bait: Our electric mosquito swatter is equipped with a UV lamp that emits wavelengths from 395 nm to 400 nm. These violet light waves act as a bait, attracting flying insects towards it. Bid farewell to unwanted guests!

🌟 Instant Electric Shock: Once the insects come in contact with the electrified surface of the fly swatter, they are immediately struck by a powerful electric current. The 4000V high voltage ensures quick and effective zapping, leaving no chance for them to escape.

🌟 Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a reliable 1200 mAh battery, this device offers long-lasting performance. It takes just 120 minutes to charge fully, ensuring that you're always ready for the next insect encounter. Say goodbye to disposable batteries!

🌟 Effective against Various Insects: No insect is too small or too swift for our mosquito swatter. The 4000V high voltage makes it easier to zap mosquitoes, fruit flies, midges, and other annoying flying pests. Reclaim your space and enjoy a peaceful environment.

Don't let insects disrupt your tranquility any longer! Equip yourself with the Qualitell  Electric Fly Swatter from Xiaomi and experience the power of effortless insect control. Get yours now and restore peace to your home! 🏡✨


Battery capacity 1200mAh

Rated voltage DC 5V

Rated power 2W

Output voltage DC 3500V

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