Japan's Kobayashi pharmaceutical cleaning toilet flower deodorant gel




Just stick it on the surface of the toilet to spread a pleasant fragrance and keep the water clean. With each flush, the chemicals diffuse in the toilet's water, and the cleaning ingredients cleanse thoroughly. The effect of preventing the adhesion of dirt and the effect of suppressing the generation of black spots caused by the ingredients of the disinfectant keep water wrinkles clean and make cleaning easier.

  • Since it is attached to the left and right, the chemical components can be effectively dispersed on the water surface.
  • Paste on the left and right sides once, and it can be used for about a week. (When flushing 15 times a day) (May vary slightly depending on temperature, water temperature, water volume, etc.)
  • The flowing water is colorless.
  • This product does not affect septic tanks and bacteria in septic tanks. * Inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause black spots. However, not all germs are sterilized. Results may vary depending on usage environment and degree of dirt.

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