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'The 3rd Generation' Mascara: The Best Waterproof Ability with Film-Tubing Technology 

  • Brand New Formula: Strong resistance against water & sweat yet can be washed off Easily with facial soap. 
  • 5 mm long extension fiber to make your eyelashes super long. 
  • Shape-memory polymer locks the curl of eyelashes for a whole day. 
  • Beauty ingredients (camellia flower oil, wild rose flower oil, royal jelly, argan oil, etc.) contained.

How to use

Hold the curve of the brush as close to the roots as possible, wiggle it back and forth at the roots, then swipe off to the tips

  • Apply mascara lower lashes with tip of mascara. 
  • Repeat steps until you get ideal length and volume of eyelashes. 

How to Remove

After saturating eyelashes with warm water, gently wash off with a facial soap in a circular motion.

Rinse off thoroughly.

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